Water Damage to Brick and Mortar

A water-damaged brick wall shows significant damage to the bricks and mortar.

Few repairs are as simple or inexpensive as the maintenance of rain gutters. If you have limited access to the roof or are at any risk of falling, seriously consider calling a professional. Wherever a rain gutter has been clogged or removed, water damage is sure to follow.

In the images on this page you can see a before and after image. Much of the brick in this location of the building was damaged by water that drained off of the neighbors roof. To compound the problem, when this carriage house was first built, there was no concrete parking lot next to it. This parking lot is impervious to water but the brick that touches it is highly absorbent and the bricks pull water away from the concrete. If the neighbor puts salt on the driveway, the salt is also pulled up into the bricks through capillary action. Lastly, a mason had previously repaired this area with a cementicious mortar which needed to be removed. Regrettably, the parking lot cannot be removed but we added a drainage pipe to more the roof water past the building.

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