Tips and Info:Water Damage to Brick and Mortar

Few repairs are as simple or inexpensive as the maintenance of rain gutters. If you have limited access to the roof or are at any risk of falling, seriously consider […]

Tips and Info:Ivy, Creeping Vines and Trees

If you’re not careful, vines and trees can damage brick walls and foundations. Learn the best ways to use plants and trees while preserving your building’s masonry.

Foundational Knowledge:NHL – Natural Hydraulic Lime

Lime is perhaps the most prized and exceedingly versatile building material of the modern world. Early civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used lime extensively. Many of their […]

Foundational Knowledge:Plaster Mouldings & Ornament

A journey through the process of design, production and installation of fibrous moulding plaster; a tradition that, with a few contemporary adaptations, has remained remarkably consistent for the past couple of hundred years.

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