We preserve & protect historic structures that reflect elements of our cultural, economic, or architectural heritage.

Using our knowledge & skills for the repair of older buildings, we apply the same techniques & materials in new construction, offering clients a rich, natural, healthy aesthetic in their home – a soulful alternative to sterile, machine-made construction.

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Mt Bethel NJ repointing historic stone church using natural hydraulic limecustom plaster dome made with natural hydraulic limehistoric brownstone - dental recreation

Services We Offer

Masonry Coatings

  • Removal of Portland Cement, brick coat, toxic lead paint & water-proofing
  • Application of lime wash, Potassium silicate, stucco, masonry paint, stains & water repellents


  • Interior & Exterior (Stucco) Application
  • Use of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)
  • Decorative & Ornamental Plaster
  • Custom finishes & pigment options


  • Mortar analysis & matching
  • Careful removal of mortar & replacement with historically appropriate mortar
  • Use of NHL, local sand, clay & pigments
  • Different finishes & colors available


  • Mortar analysis & matching
  • Design & development
  • Product installation training
  • Tool & material advice