Specialized masons committed to conserving our architectural heritage through the application of traditional materials

Historic Stone Cleaning

Founder of Preservation Works Ltd., Rob Wozniak, demonstrates the ThermaTech cleaning system by removing 100+ years of carbon deposits while preserving the stone’s natural patina & avoiding an over-cleaned or a sandblasted look.

Our Products

We use & sell high-quality, specialty masonry products that have been used for thousands of years in traditional building & are now being used in modern “green” construction due to their high quality, reasonable cost & minor environmental impact.  We offer traditional binders imported from Europe at competitive prices.

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime
  • Natural Cement
  • Gypsum Lime Plaster

Visit to Tigre in Spain

We love Tigre Natural Hydraulic Limes and Natural Cements, and you will too! We wanted to see with our own eyes where these products come from and how they’re made, so we traveled to Spain to meet the 3rd generation of the family that has been producing and selling these high-quality materials since 1945. 

Before & After

Photos of some recent projects

Our Services

Using our knowledge & skills for the repair of historic structures, we use the same techniques & materials in new construction offering clients a rich, natural aesthetic in their home, a soulful alternative to sterile, machine-made construction

  • Removal of Portland Cement, Brickcoat, harmful paint & water-proofing
  • Application of lime wash, Potassium silicate, stucco, masonry paint, stains & water repellents
  • Interior & Exterior (Stucco) Application
  • Use of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)
  • Decorative & Ornamental Plaster
  • Custom finishes & pigment options
  • Mortar analysis & matching
  • Careful removal of mortar & replacement with historically appropriate mortar
  • Use of NHL, local sand, clay & pigments
  • Different finishes & colors available
  • Stone & Brick repointing & tuckpointing
  • Patching
  • Crack repair
  • Abatement of (salt) Efflorescence

We offer historically appropriate recommendations & solutions for masonry restoration & repair.

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