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Veritas School

Richmond, VA

Lead by our master plasterer, Patrick Webb, we were tasked with creating custom, classically-styled ornamental plaster including this ionic capital pictured above and numerous custom moldings for the private Veritas School in Richmond, VA.

Preservation Works Mount Mt. Bethel Church NJ repair, repoint and rebuild historic stone structure using natural hydraulic lime NHL mortar stucco plaster chimney front and side facade wallView Mortar Gallery

Mt Bethel Church

Warren, NJ

After removing the original mortar, it is important to replace it with a “like” material. There are a number of restoration mortars made from lime, natural cement & other traditional materials which can be tinted to match the the original mortar or the stone or brick.

Historic Residential Brownstone BuildingView Restoration Gallery

Residential Brownstone Building

Allentown, PA

Softer stone like the brownstone shown above (as well as Wissahickon Schist & other sedimentary rocks) can show signs of extreme deterioration which usually has something to do with a persistent water issue along with the kind of mortar that surrounds the masonry, but also because the stone was not laid correctly or is in fact inferior. In all these situations, lime-based repair mortar is the best material for limiting future problems.