Masonry Coatings

We professionally restore historic masonry surfaces by carefully removing harmful layers like lead-based paint or synthetic stucco & apply healthy, alternative masonry coatings that sustainable, durable & environmentally friendly!


  • Removal of harmful paints, Portland Cement, Brickcoat & vapor-impermeable waterproofing
  • Application of lime wash, Potassium silicate (water glass), masonry paints, stains & vapor-permeable water repellents
  • We specialize in the application of traditional lime plaster as an exterior stucco on historic & contemporary buildings
  • We offer a number of traditional finishes for exterior stucco including skip trowel & sanded finishes which highlight the natural movements of historic walls
  • For every project, we supply sample boards detailing the finish & color, which can be natural or pigmented with an integrated color

Cleaning Masonry

In this video, you’ll see several images of before & after the masonry cleaning was completed. This cleaning project was a three part process.

First, we used the ThermaTech system with super heated water & low pressure to carefully remove any grime & moss on the limestone columns & clay tile patios. Next, two applications of Prosoco Restoration Cleaner & elbow grease to remove masonry coatings. Finally, another pass with the ThermaTech to remove the last bit of staining.