Restoring & repointing masonry with a mortar that matches the history of the building is critical in maintaining the structure’s health & beauty. Historically, mortar in most structures built before 1940 consisted of lime & sand or clay (natural materials that were local & durable).

With our expertise in historic restoration, we can professionally analyze the existing materials used in the construction of the building, and ensure to match the new mortar using historically appropriate Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), Natural Cement, pigments, etc.


  • Analyze & match the historic mortar that was used in the original construction
  • Carefully remove existing mortar & replace with historically appropriate mortar
  • Use of high-quality Natural Hydraulic Limes & Natural Cements
  • Binders paired with local sand, clay or pigments
  • Different finishes & colors available

Lime-based mortar attributes

  • VAPOR PERMEABLE, allowing excess moisture to evaporate which prevents mold generation & ensures that the bricks won’t crack/break during freeze/thaw cycles.
  • LESS COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH than cement & acts as a buffer between the bricks like cartilage in a human joint; as the bricks move and settle, the mortar shifts to accommodate the changes, keeping the bricks intact.
  • HIGHER BOND STRENGHTH than cement, which protects from seepage & erosion.
  • HISTORICALLY APPROPRIATE, which is important when repairing a historic structure for durability & to visually match the new to the old as much as possible.
  • SELF-HEALING; has the ability to close cracks, further protecting the building from water intrusion or more dramatic damage to the mortar.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY- “green” product, made entirely from and by nature.