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Water Damage to Brick and Mortar

Few repairs are as simple or inexpensive as the maintenance of rain gutters. If you have limited access to the roof or are at any risk of falling, seriously consider […]

Ivy, Creeping Vines and Trees

If you’re not careful, vines and trees can damage brick walls and foundations. Learn the best ways to use plants and trees while preserving your building’s masonry.

What is Wrong with Water Repellants on Masonry

Water repellants are chemicals that are applied to a building to keep water from penetrating the masonry. That sounds great – but here’s why they might not be a good idea.

What to Know Before Your Repoint

If you have an older masonry home, it likely was built with a lime based mortar and not a Portland cement based mortar. Learn more about the repointing process.

When is it Time to Replace Old Mortar?

The periodic replacement of mortar insures the future health of masonry. This process generally needs to be completed about once every 100 years.

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