Tigre Natural Cement

Tigre Natural Cement

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  • Size of Bag: 44lbs
  • Working Time: 8 minutes
  • Final Compressive Strength: ≥ 8 MPa 
  • Typical Uses for the material: plastering of hard brick and concrete masonry, bedding stone, setting rustic ceramic/stone floor tiles in interior/exterior
Download PDF | Safety Data Sheet Tigre Natural Cement
Download PDF | Technical Data Sheet for Tigre Natural Cement


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Tigre Natural Cement is endowed with excellent qualities to carry out all types of masonry work faster.  This quick, natural cement will begin to set between 2 and 8 minutes.  However, by using cold water and/or a very small amount of citric acid in the mortar mix, that set time can be extended to anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  Very small amounts of citric acid less than 1% by weight of the binder can radically increase set times.  We usually experiment with a couple of mixtures based on the application situation but 0.5% is a good starting point.

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To learn more about natural cement, check out Patrick Webb’s article on Natural Cement: An Oldie but a Goodie.

Cemento Natural Tigre is a small, family-owned business in the Catalan area of Spain.  They have been producing natural lime and cement since 1945 and are now the only producers left in Spain. We recently visited the offices, quarries, and kilns and learned that the vertical kilns they operate have been running continuously since they were built over a century ago.  Tigre’s products are high-quality materials that we found makes matching to existing lime mortar very simple, especially in the northeast region of the U.S.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting this family that runs all aspects of Tigre’s daily business. This type of company allows us the opportunity to help keep the tradition alive.

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