Lafarge Natural Hydraulic Lime, NHL 2.0

Lafarge Natural Hydraulic Lime, NHL 2.0

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  • Size of Bag: 55lbs
  • Working Time: 330 min
  • Final Compressive Strength: 4.3 MPa
  • Typical uses for the material: interior plaster, repointing porous/delicate masonry
Download PDF | Lafarge NHL 2.0 Data Sheet
Download PDF | Lafarge NHL Safety Data Sheet

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Lafarge Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0 is a very white, slightly (feebly) hydraulic lime produced in France. The lime has more free lime (non-hydraulic lime) and less clay than any other NHL we are aware of.  The material is ‘buttery’ and makes it excellent for interior plaster finishes and for delicate exterior restorations involving the preservation of deteriorated masonry.

Lafarge NHL 2.0 is often used for interior plaster finishes (in all three coats) because the hydraulic set speeds up application times.  But it is also used for the stabilization and repair of damaged soft masonry units such as brick, sandstone, marble or others where the mortar is intended to be sacrificial.  Lime mortars of all kinds are intended to pull water away from the masonry units they surround.  Lafarge NHL 2.0 is soft enough when fully cured to protect compromised masonry.

If you’d like an NHL that is less white, check out our Tigre NHL!

Weight 882 oz
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 6 in