Scagliola Masterclass

Scagliola Masterclass

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This intermediate level masterclass hosted by Preservation Works Ltd will be featuring 3rd generation master stuccoist Oscar Urruela Sacristan as well as traditional plasterer Patrick Webb.

They will share traditional techniques of scagliola (imitation marble/granite) including materials, design, casting, and intarsia (inlay) work.

Location: Preservation Works Ltd. 120 North Locust Street, Easton PA 18042

Dates: TBD

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Scagliola is a handmade composite substance that is similar to quarried marble. It is created using materials such as plaster, hide glue mixed with water, and lime-proof mineral pigments.

We will cover the materials, formulas, and processes necessary to create this masterful imitation marble which can be used in sculpture, walls, furniture, columns, floors, fireplaces, and more.

The highest expression of the plasterer’s art has been created, lost and rediscovered. Yet, for the past two millennia, Scagliola has never ceased to fascinate nor witness its aura of mystery diminish.

Part sculpture, part science- the sophisticated process that gives birth to Scagliola demands the focused mind and precision of a chemist, the hands of an experienced plasterer and the subtle, sensitive eye of an artist.