We are looking to hire just the right person. Preservation Works is an equal opportunity employer in search of someone with a keen interest is the restoration and preservation of old masonry building. Construction experience is an attribute but not a necessity so long as candidates are open and quick to learn.

*Hiring is conditional, and our needs are outlined below. The mason or laborer should be comfortable with a somewhat irregular work schedule that is typical of small construction companies, especially during winter months. *Hiring is done on a trial basis, the trial period being the initial 3 weeks of employment.

Specialty Mason

We specialize in the conservation of historically significant properties. But we do much more than that, and we make a point to take on all kinds of different projects to continue growing as a historic restoration masonry company. Therefor, being able to think critically about the big picture and how to use your masonry skills to solve problems is a must. An openness to travel, take on challenges, and learn something new on a regular basis, as well as a passion for traditional craft and materials are important qualities we are seeking in this unique specialty trade. The ideal candidate should live in or near Easton, PA or the surrounding area and must have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation to work and a smart phone.

We typically use materials imported from Europe, which are very similar to the materials that were produced locally and heavily used in the U.S. historically. We expect to train staff on how to correctly use and apply these materials, however, candidates are expected to have some experience with basic masonry skills. Candidates should know how to construct an arch, a column, and a wall in masonry and have an interest in learning about the traditional means and methods for doing this work so that it can be replicated in historic projects.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Expect to work in all weather and with various materials
  • Ability to lift and carry heavy objects
  • Setup/breakdown scaffold
  • Move safely on lift/scaffold and be comfortable with heights
  • Repair and restore masonry structures like chimneys, fountains, walls, stairs, headstones, etc.
  • Mix mortar as well as carefully remove mortar with specialized tools
  • Lay bricks, blocks and stones
  • Replace and/or install new steel, wood or concrete lintels
  • Patch, repair and/or replace brick and stone
  • Plaster and plaster repair on ceilings/walls
  • Have respect for the ancient traditions of the profession
  • Train and assign work to helpers/apprentices if needed

Mason Laborer or Helper

A mason laborer working in historic restoration should have an interest and enthusiasm for history and architecture. We will train on all of the components of repair and restoration of masonry on historic buildings, including repointing, plastering/stucco, stone and brick repair, setting up scaffolding, all preparation work, cleanup and transportation of materials. Scaffolding and lifts are regularly used so the laborer must be comfortable with heights and lifting heavy objects.

A laborer pays attention to details, is efficient and organized, and has the ability to work cleanly. While this can be messy work, it is imperative that laborers always operate with care, picking up after themselves and be neat in all professional situations. Our work is mostly on historic properties, often in private homes, so respect and courtesy are important traits.

A laborer should expect to spend time traveling and must have a valid driver’s license. Additionally, a laborer needs to be comfortable with hand tools and power tools. Experience using traditional materials is not required but a candidate needs to be able to pay attention, follow direction and learn quickly. This job can be very physically demanding as well as dusty and dirty, however, it is highly rewarding knowing that you have personally helping preserve a piece of American history.

Outline of Desired Traits:

  • Possesses valid driver’s license
  • Enjoys history and architecture
  • Respectful & courteous to others & their property
  • Comfortable with irregular work schedule
  • Fast learner
  • Follows directions well
  • Ability to lift heavy objects
  • Comfortable with heights
  • Critical thinker
  • Efficiency-minded, neat & organized
  • Detail-oriented

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