Restoration & Preservation

Historic restoration is complex & can be anything from tearing the masonry down & rebuilding to cleaning, repairing & sealing.​  We are able to establish project scope & prioritize repairs to allow phasing of work over time. Take a look at our Services below.

Historic Masonry Restoration projects


  • Stone & brick repointing & tuckpointing using  historically appropriate mortar
  • Patching & crack repair including Cathedral Stone & Jahn Style stone repair
  • Abatement of (salt) Efflorescence
  • Masonry & plaster cleaning

Why us

Preservation Works!

Preservation works in a system of principles by which buildings can be restored to prolong their useful life. Restoring and preserving historic structures is our specialty! Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your masonry repairs.

To speed up the estimate process please supply a couple of wide view photos (or drawings if it is new construction) of your restoration project so we can see the entire elevation.  We appreciate photos for an initial understanding of the project but close detailed images aren’t necessary.

Stay tuned for our 2020 workshops & classes so you can do simple restorative techniques at home!

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