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Vicat Prompt Natural Cement

Vicat Prompt Natural Cement

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  • Size of Bag: 55lbs
  • Working Time: 2 min
  • Final Compressive Strength: ≥ 30 MPa
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Out of stock

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Vicat Prompt Natural Cement is a natural, quick-setting cement practical for works requiring serviceability in the shortest possible time due to the very high speed at which it sets and hardens. Vicat Prompt is mined rather than extracted from open-air quarries and fired at a low temperature, which means low CO2 emissions and a low environmental footprint. Typical uses for the material: a special, rapid-hardening cement used for fast masonry work and also for restoration and decoration of heritage assets and in Eco-construction.

Vicat Prompt Natural Cement can be used in projects requiring fast masonry work, which can be anything from high-rise buildings, underwater work, drains, sewers, hydro-power plants, bridges, viaducts, and historic preservation of important monuments and buildings. Its performance is exceptional, developing high strength immediately and with little shrinkage. The set time of the cement can be modified with very small amounts of citric acid without substantial degradation of its performance. 

We have used natural cement to rebuild brownstone facades- both the flat stones and more ornamental aspects, as well as in casting, run in place repairs and even carving ornament in place. After the initial set, the material can be easily shaped, scraped or carved for a number of hours making same-day repairs quick and simple. We have another natural cement available; check out our Tigre Natural Cement!

Our products have centuries of production history and performance.  ‘Natural’ signifies these materials are quarried, kilned and bagged without adding other materials to the product.  All-natural hydraulic lime and natural cement produced in the European Union meets or exceeds the standards set by British and European standard EN-459 BS EN 459 – The new Standard for Building Lime by Steve Foster and these products are the binder used to create interior and exterior plasters as well as pointing mortar and stone patching mortar for almost any situation.  Because of the natural aspects of the materials each producer of Natural Hydraulic Lime or Natural Cement produces a unique product that is similar to its competition but far from identical.

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