Scagliola workshop

Scagliola workshop

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Scagliola: A highly guarded 16th-century “secret” technique in which materials such as plaster, hide glue mixed with water, and lime-proof mineral pigments are used to create a handmade composite substance that is similar to quarried marble. When hardened, a section of this material can be polished to a high sheen.

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The scagliola workshop will take place over the extended Labor Day weekend (Friday-Monday/ September 3-6, 2021), and lunch will be served daily. It will cover the materials, formulas, and processes necessary to create masterful imitation marble known as scagliola. Scagliola can be used in sculpture, walls, furniture, columns, floors, fireplaces, and more. You will be shown all of the techniques necessary to take a 12 x 12” panel to completion. We’ll make 3 to 4 panels each, one of which should get to a finish polish.

This workshop will be taught by fine artist, James Gloria, an accomplished traditional painter, instructor, and master craftsman. He works in oils, watercolor, and the art of scagliola. He’s been an educator teaching fine arts since 1990 and has painted murals and faux finishes throughout the U.S. east coast as well as published articles on Venetian plaster and fresco.

Photo credit: James Gloria (w.i.p. entered into a state exhibit)