Natural Brick Pigment for Repairs and Mortars 5.0 lbs.

Natural Brick Pigment for Repairs and Mortars 5.0 lbs.

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Sometimes there is minor damage to the face of a brick and it doesn’t need to be replaced but the fire skin of the brick has been damaged and without some repair or stabilization it will continue to deteriorate.  We have been using this natural brick red pigment to tint a variety of brick repair mortars including natural cement, natural hydraulic lime and St. Astier Lithomex. With some simple experimentation you can add it to a dry mortar and develop a mortar to quickly repair old bricks with a slight orange brown tone to them.  We have found that this pigment is a great starting point for making your own color mixes for brick repair.  We usually take a one pint container (we like Talenti Gelato containers which come with very delicious Gelato) and our patching material of choice adding pigment by weight (always) to the mix and then making a sample either on a brick or using the top of the container one can make a decent sized sample.  It is critical to mix the material dry first and then patiently wet as well so that the pigment does not leave staring (spots of pigment) in the sample or on the container.  To avoid this problem we usually mix in one container and then flip the mud into another and mix it again.  The sample needs to set and dry for about one week before judging the color so be patient and make a few samples that you think will be close but with different ratio’s

  • Light fastness: Excellent Particle size50 microns (325 Mesh)
  • Heat Stability:Color Stable to 330° F
  • Packaging:80g: 4 oz recyclable plastic jar
    500g and above: double plastic bag
  • Notes: Use care when handling any dry pigment.
    Avoid inhaling pigment dust.
    Our pigments are not sold for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tattoo ink or food use.
    Since computer monitors, tablets and smartphones may differ in how they display colors, the actual pigment powders we sell may differ slightly from their product image as displayed on your device. We do not guarantee colors based on these images.


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  • Synthetic Iron Oxide Blended Mineral Pigment
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Suitable for all mediums
  • Lime and Cement Color Stable
Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in