We specialize in the application of traditional lime plaster on historic & contemporary buildings. Whether it’s decorative interior plasters or lime washes for your walls, or exterior stucco, we have the ability to create different finishes or even custom mouldings and ornamentation. Call us today to discuss how we can help you appreciate the timeless qualities of lime plaster as we do.

of Plaster projects

What is plaster anyway?

Heritage & ornamental plasterer, Patrick Webb, takes  a closer look at what makes up a plaster.


  • Application of a variety of plasters: Natural Hydraulic Lime, American Clay, Venetian Style Lime, Stuc Pierre Gypsum Lime, LimeStrong
  • Historic Preservation-Repairs & Patching
  • Precast & Run-in-Situ- Plain or Enriched Profile Mouldings
  • Decorative & Ornamental Finishes
  • Exterior Lime Plaster (Stucco)
  • Design & development

Applying Clay Plaster with Pigment

Watch Patrick Webb demonstrate the proper way to close down the clay after install. As water evaporates from clay, there are voids where the water once was. You’ll see he introduces just enough water to moisten the clay allowing him to work the clay back into the voids to attain the desired finish.

Why us

We are Plaster Pros

Whether it’s interior or exterior, regarding decorative finishes, plaster moldings, stucco application, or plaster repair call us to discuss what you’re looking to accomplish in your home, and we’ll help you achieve it!

To speed up the estimate process please supply a couple of wide view photos (or drawings if it is new construction) of your restoration project so we can see the entire elevation.  We appreciate photos for an initial understanding of the project but close detailed images aren’t necessary.

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